Silky Soft
Scramble aka. 15 minute scramble


Prepping the scramble

Take a large bowl...
crack in your eggs, you want to portion out at a minimum 2 eggs per person (the slow cooking method removes a lot of the water in the eggs, leading to much smaller servings. so, portion out more than you think people will want. besides me, my family aren’t huge egg eaters, 2 eggs per person leaves all the plates empty).
whisk the eggs to break them up and fully homogenize them, you are not trying to add much air. the best way to do this is to move the whisk back and forth in the bowl, not to lift it out. they are only ready once no whites remain. If you have an immersion blender use it here - it’s much faster and works even better!
going the extra mile: if you really want the smoothest eggs possible pass the eggs post mixing through a strainer to remove any leftover whites.

Prep your herbs...
the best herbs for scrambled eggs, hands down, are chives (if you don’t have chives but have scallions use the tipity top of the greens). you could also do a couple of thyme leaves oregano etc. any tender herb could work depending on your flavor preferences, just be aware that when paired with eggs the flavor can dominate, so use very flavorful/intense herbs in moderation. for prepping chives I like to just snip them as finely as your patience will allow with kitchen scissors, or a sharp knife.

Scrambling the scramble

Take a nonstick pan...
if you are using up to 5 eggs use a small nonstick, up to 9 eggs a medium, any more use a large pan. try and use a super new nonstick (you will get much better results, but work with what you got). place in ~1 teaspoon of butter per two eggs.
Turn on your widest burner...
to the lowest het setting

put the pan on the stove and swirl around your butter. once it has just melted add in your eggs. immediately begin scraping the bottom with a soft spatula. you need to constantly be scraping the bottom and sides of the pan.
it will feel like it is taking forever, and it is, but don’t raise the heat. eventually curds will form. as you notice them forming take the pan off the heat, the bottom needs to cool down a bit. while its off the heat press the curds into the bottom of the pan to break them up, almost dissolving them, into the rest of the eggs. once the curds that formed have been dissolved put the pan back on the heat.
keep repeating this process (the cook times will vary greatly based on the egg to pan ratio and your burners, but when I do this it generally takes 10-15 minutes) — once you get almost at the texture you want add some cracked sea salt and cracked pepper (you add this now, if the pepper is added in the beginning it will infuse the eggs and you’ll lose the nice egg taste. rumor has it that if you add salt in the beginning it will dehydrate the eggs.)
place back on the heat moving the curds around until you reach desired texture, take off of heat and add 1 teaspoon of creme fraiche for every 2 eggs (substitute with mascarpone or butter, or nothing at all!) put back on heat and stir until you receive your desired texture again
grab a plate or bowl...
and plate the eggs immediately, otherwise there will be caryover cooking and all that effort will have been a waste!
top with some more sea salt, pepper, and your herbs and serve!

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